If you've been around these parts long enough, you know that we don't really have plastic toys here. Most all wood, cloth and metal. I like basic toys without batteries that encourage imagination. Toys that will last, that are eco friendly and are multipurpose. A few plastic toys have slipped in, but for the most part, we don't have them.

Well, someone very special to us gave my children some Christmas money. Believe it or not, my kids have never really been on a spending splurge. I decided the giver of that Christmas money would have been so happy to head to the store with my littles...and would have let them pick out anything they wanted. I decided to do the same. Enter Tractor Supply 50-75% off Christmas sale. And when they chose plastic, I smiled and said 'sure'.  Because, really, it's about balance.

Oh the lessons about having a finite amount of money and the decisions on what to choose! I was confident he'd spend all his money here and I thought I'd be bringing her to a craft store to finish spending hers.  Nope, they both spent all of theirs.

They were so happy!  John Deere pajamas, a John Deere playset, a blue New Holland ("Mama, I don't have any New Hollands!") and by far, his favorite....Holsteins with milking stanchions and miniature machines.
 And she was beyond thrilled with all of her baby animals-a puppy set, a piglet set and a bunny set. Plus John Deere pajamas and animal sewing cards.
 And me? Well, I think my Christmas money was well spent too. They said I 'needed' these.  Love my little farmers.



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