Now, I'm really not one to mind winter. And I haven't minded it yet. There's so much goodness of being home and inside with my littles. So many projects we have done, so many yet to do!

However, as I make another batch of soup, I do find myself dreaming of the produce to come. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful we still have homegrown stuff to use up. 

But soon, we will be enjoying all this:

And be able to pick these:

Just hold on...there's much goodness to come.


  1. So many good things from your garden-Yummmmm. Hang on, it's comin'!

  2. I am dreaming of the same thing! Just placed my seed order a few days ago. Oh how I love fresh produce!

  3. that corn looks luscious! I'm in south Florida and the strawberries are hitting the markets



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