Puzzle nook


I aim to be a minimalist in many ways.  However, I got out our puzzle collection. Yikes! Not a minimalist at all.

I blame my profession. I have collected wooden puzzles for the last 10 years, picking them up if they are a dollar or less.  They are such a great teaching tool for me professionally for my day job, although they have been migrating home as of late.

It's okay we have oodles of puzzles, though, because we use them! We do them again and again. we get them out to do them one at a time. We take  bowl and dump a bunch of pieces in to make 'puzzle soup', then scoop them out with a spoon.  We leave them out for pulzzlepalooza, we post in front of the camera once comlpetely.We've even had some gifted to us lately, it's pretty special doing a puzzle and thinking about who got it for us.

All of our puzzles were out of reach. I thought if I put them within reach, the kids wouldn't have to ask for them, and they would enjoy them more.

 They've done so many puzzles since I added this nook.

 Really, it is quite the life relaxing by the warm fire and doing puzzles:!


  1. Love your puzzle nook! Looks like so much fun!

  2. What a great learning space! Love the new family photo!



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