Oh sleep. Or the lack thereof.  I always say sleeping is the hardest part of raising littles.  Getting them ready to sleep, getting them to sleep, keeping them asleep, getting them to sleep in (ha!), sometimes a daunting process. And then managing with little sleep as a parent. Some days are ok. Some days are not.

Fact. My kids are not great sleepers, never have been. They apparently don't need much sleep to thrive...apparently I can blame that trait on my DNA. 

Fact. My husband is an excellent sleeper. Why didn't they get his DNA?

Anyway, we're a no nap household as of late. One would think of my earlier sleeping woes and suspect I would be mourning the loss of the nap.

Quite the opposite, actually. Skipping the effort required to get ready for a nap is quite grand. We have freedom and flexibility and more time for projects!  Plus, as a bonus, better night time in both slept all night last night and I slept 6 hours straight (first time in 4 1/2 years!).

So yes, we are a no nap family right now and I'm quite content with that.

For the most part anyway, as I might have done a little celebratory dance when they both randomly agreed on a great day/ time to nap last week.  Both kids sleeping AT THE SAME TIME?! Time to sew by myself? How relaxing!  When did that happen last?
What was all that rambling I was doing? I'm ridiculous. I take all that back. Napping is good. Sleeping is good. Could someone please convey that to my children?


  1. Now a nap will seem like a treat to them. It always does to me when I get one in. Quiet time for Momma is so appreciated, huh? ;0)

  2. My daughter napped til K. grade, LOVED it!



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