Old Flannel Sheets to Upcycled Unpaper Towels

Nearly 9 years ago, I ran off and married my husband in Antiqua. When we returned, we were blessed with many wedding gifts, including two flannel sheet sets.

The two sets have been rotated for 9 years and both have bit the dust this month.

We have fantastic new LLBean flannel sheets on the bed now, but I just couldn't throw away the sets with holes. Sure it had holes, but the rest was usable.

So, I made unpaper towels with just the fitted sheet of one of the sets. 

All I did was take two 12 1/2 inch squares, sew them right sides together, leaving a 2 inch gap. I then turned them right side out, pressed the seams and edge stitched the whole square (which happened to seal the 2 inch gap). Lastly, I zig zag stitched from one corner to the next to seal the layers. Easy, although repetitive and a bit time consuming.

Even with the holes, I was able to piece and make 20 different flannel squares that fit perfectly on a paper towel roll.
 This nice papertowel holder my dad made has been empty for years (I cannot even tell you how many years it has been since I bought paper towels). Now, it's filled. 

So, there you have it. An old sheet that I couldn't throw away, turned into something much more useful. 
 Zoom approved. One down, three to go. What can you make with an old sheet? Ideas? I still have 3 to use up. Oh, the possibilities...


  1. You are SO clever! Love how you repurpose things!

  2. Flanel is nice to make wascloths (the closed ones where you can put your hand in?) we call them washand (Dutch for Wash-hands).
    You can also make washcloths for the beloved but dirty apple-cheeks.
    You can make some extra pillowcases.
    And last but not least you can make cloth diapers or menstrual-pads!



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