It's 11pm Wednesday night and I just sat down to blog.  I feel too exhausted to think clearly or go through the weekend snowshoeing pictures I was planning to post. I should just go to bed, but typing out a little something is something I look forward to, so I shall blog a few words before bed.

What a week it has been, and it's only Wednesday.  We had a busy weekend and had little time at home to devote to weekend chores.  Given our no furnace situation, work and snowstorms, we haven't had a day that we have been away from our home for more than a couple hours.  A much needed family day, indeed.

After that busy weekend, it's been time to kick it into gear. Since Monday, I have logged 25 hours of work at my day job, I've made 12 loaves of bread, washed 11 dozen eggs, I'm on my 10th load of laundry (where does all that laundry come from?), packed 3 hennies sold on etsy to go and live on their forever farms, visited 2 sets of neighbors, made 1 1/2 gallons of yogurt, ran a bunch of errands, made no bake cookies, brought my kids to story hour and read countless books to them there, went to the thrift shop, tended animals, loaded the woodbox more times than I can count, did a bit of sewing and read an entire novel (I just couldn't put it down).

Too busy. Sometimes I have a hard time finding the balance and that was today. I've kept myself so busy that I've hardly slept!  But Thursday is a whole new day. I'm not working, I'm home. And I'm going to plan on doing a little less, which in turn will make all of our hearts feel much fuller.


  1. Wow, that is quite the week! Hope you have a much more relaxed day today!!!

  2. Wow, y'all eat a lot of yogurt! How long does it keep for you in the fridge, or do you freeze it?
    Busy days are wonderful when they are filled with meaningful tasks, but a day at home with wee ones is the best. Enjoy it girl.



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