Mama Made: Farmall Applique

Our dear Adrian will not wear warm layers too often. I finally figured it out. He has only one tractor sweatshirt.  95% of the time, he must be wearing a tractor shirt. And one cannot hide his tractor shirt with a non tractor shirt. Obviously.

So, I whipped up a little pattern for a Farmall tractor and a hitch.He loves hitching things up. It's hitched with a quick zip up. It hitches and it's Farmall, which he didn't have.  I'm very very very appreciated right now in his book.

I have the pattern that I will post (for free!) if anyone is interested, I just haven't gotten around to publishing that yet.

Here it is:

 He loves it.

 Just an hour of time, appliqued on a sweatshirt we already had, I can give him something he loves.
Love that just that little bit of effort gets me a smile like this.


  1. That is adorable! And by the way, I love picking my grapes and sorting laundry!! <3

  2. Fabulous and so fun!! Love the buttons and his smile! :)



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