Snowshoeing. Her first time.

I purchased a used set of child snowshoes off of a swap website, thinking we could all go snowshoeing. Sure, it's snowing and only 9 degrees, but we're Mainers, right?  We suited everyone up, her very first time. She totally wanted me to take her picture, again and again. Gladly!

 Took her about two seconds to catch on.

 And then to come in to warm French onion soup, topped with homemade bread? Yes please.
 As it so happened, I ended up reading to myself at bedtime. The rest? Well, they were mighty tuckered out and never even made it to their own beds before falling asleep. I smile seeing them in their matching mama made jammies. Thankful for these family days.


  1. How exciting! She's a natural! I hope you'll share this on The Maple Hill Hop!

  2. She could be on the cover of the LL bean catalog! Hubby looks pooped :)

  3. That soup sounds like a wonderful way to warm up. You have such a cute family, Thanks for sharing. I'm here via Maple Hill Hop.



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