More snow coming.

Some pictures of the snow, before yet another foot comes within the next 24 hours.

It's mostly the drifts, which are over our head. There's some spots that are bare (right in front of the barn...brilliant back in the day planning when they built this place).  Where it's not bare, it's deep. I went snowshoeing and felt like I was doing a giant step stair stepper machine.  Of course, there's more snow coming. It's okay though, as I don't mind yet another day home with my littles.

Our kids hardly ever get to watch shows, but I will say, it's a good way to get an hour of shoveling in without 'helpers'.
 This is upstairs, look how high the snow is.
 Thankful for those cleared areas, where she can get to her girls.

 I'm a little nervous for more snow. My kids can already walk up to a window with their snowshoes on and be eye level.
 It's crazy, but we're ready.  We're built Maine tough, afterall.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of snow! Glad your kids enjoy it! Have some cocoa on me!

  2. Great shots. Sounds like there's more on the way? Maybe the groundhog was right :)



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