I shoveled a path of waist high snow yesterday afternoon from the massive drift in between our house and barn. First thing this morning I went back and had to do the same thing for thigh high snow. And now? Another 4-6 inches. 

I went through the archives of winters, just to see what it looked like when we said "Wow, that's a lot of snow." I now classify those moments as "dustings" by comparison. I did enjoy seeing the pics. Found these faves, all taken well before Winter 2014/15 season, but after I started blogging.

He wasn't even 2 here. So cold, we could see his breath. I was pregnant with her and it progresses from there. While we certainly have more than enough snow to go around, I am thankful we live where there's seasons and that we take the time to explore them all.


  1. Just BEAUTIFUL photos!! My you guys have been hit hard this year with snow. It just doesn't seem to end, does it? Every couple of days there's another 3 inches or more........more shoveling and more snow blowing. We will definitely appreciate Spring this year!!

  2. It's fantastic the way you embrace the seasons. I love that belly shot! And the family shot is wonderful. Hope that sun comes out to melt some of that away!

  3. Wonderful pics! I love that your family enjoys every season to its fullest!

  4. Great photos! What kind of camera d you use, a DSLR I'm assuming???

  5. And I LOVE the shot of your daughter in the pink parka with the snowflakes on her eyelashes... :)

  6. Thanks all!

    Early pisc were from a panasonic point and shoot. I now have a canon T3.



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