The 'butter days' are the days when I tend to find the dairy part of my life being bookends to my day. Today I woke before the sun to milk, worked for the day while my littles were home with my husband, came home to do dinner, books and bed with my littles and then worked on the milk situation.  Two pounds of butter later (plus cheese, laundry, dishes, night time chores and the know the life of a mama!), I find myself blogging and going to bed after midnight (thankfully this isn't everyday!).  I'm exhausted, yes.  But, my mind and heart are at peace, for I know all that hard work is for the good of my family.  That right there keeps me moving.
 (Plus the mighty fine fresh butter is worth it. Mmm.)


  1. How much do I love that your kids not only know where butter comes from, but they take part in making it?! You are rich beyond measure, my friend. Now, get some sleep! ;0D



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