Story about this lot. My son said "Mama, can I pick out my birthday presents and you save them for my birthday? I want all these. And this is all I want"  The barnyard book, the John Deere and the BOGS boots, it added up to $10. That's it.  Birthday shopping done.  (Although I think I'll just give it to him for his half birthday in March.)

And this lot...A loaf pan. Richard Scarry (Can't get enough of his books!), a Bible book with great pictures, an Usborne book, a vintage mixer and a brand new thermos.  $5.50 for all.   I now have  thermos for each one of us, all thrifted and brand new. I tell you, these are handing for packing to go lunches, hot cocoa or a cold glass of milk.  Keep your eyes open for them in your thrifting adventures. You never know what you may find!


  1. You always get THE best stuff! I think my hubby is right, that because we live in such a poor county, we don't find as many great things. We still enjoy thrifting though.

    I love that Adrian is happy with just these few things. It goes to show that he is really thinking about what is important in his life.

    We have always loved Richard Scarry too. Even at 15, my boy never tires of his books. Heck, even at 55, I never tire of them. They are so creative.

    Keep on thriftin'!

  2. Great deals! He will love getting his gifts for his half birthday! I have that mixer, it was my mothers. Richard Scarry is a big favorite here too!

  3. Cute story! You've raised him well :) Nice score too!



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