Holding my breath....

You know, I think I went the whole afternoon without exhaling. 

Because of this random cat that showed up nearly a year ago.  Zip.

He was outside all summer long (This pic is from warmer days).  When it got cooler out, Miss Audra started toting Zip inside. This fall, we had that scare that he could hardly breathe.  We took him to the vet, inconclusive results. Verdict was he probably wasn't going to make it. Well, he made it, much to the vet's surprise.  The best guess is he was hit by a car.  A miracle cat.

Today, he scooted outside first thing. He snuck right around the waters I was carrying out to the animals (No running water in our barn. Boo...) The wind was howling and catching momentum from all that open field, snow was being whipped this way and that. Bitter cold.  Zip definitely prefers to go to the bathroom outside, but he was no where to be found to come in after chores.  I hollered and hollered. Nothing.

Usually my husband is home with the kids while I work on Wednesday mornings.  However, due to an uncooperative snowblower, my family had to go to buy a part.  If Zip came to the door to try to get inside, there was no one.

When I got home from work, I hollered again and again for Zip. Nothing. So cold, so windy and a tiny little cat who didn't even have breakfast out there.  A cat who already had breathing problems. 

Got me feeling guilty for being frustrated with the little guy for breaking two of my eggs this morning before chores. Knocked them clear off the counter. (Dogs were happy!)

9:30pm, thought I'd try again. Said a little prayer. I went out to the barn and hollered. 

I found him.

Oh goodness, relief. I scooped him right up, popped him in my coat and snuggled for a few moments before bringing him inside. He probably couldn't hear all my cries for him with the noisy wind blowing my voice in the wrong direction. 

He's home now. Safe and sound. Having his 3rd dinner, happy as can be.  He'll be snuggled in the most inconvenient spot momentarily.

Hope that wasn't another of his 9 lives.  He's going through those lives too quickly, my heart needs a rest.


  1. I worry about them, too, like I worry about my human family! Glad you found him. It is always a comfort knowing mine have a warm barn to go in, too, if no one is home.....

  2. Phew. So glad he's okay. If I were him, I sure wouldn't stray too far from home. It's so cozy there!

  3. So glad you found him! So nice that he has the barn! He looks warm & cozy!

  4. Hopefully he'll know to stay inside now. Is he cat box trained?



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