And so it goes, we survived those days with bitter temps and winds that take your breath away. I worried about those animals in the barn, even made them a warm oatmeal treat.  I made sure our cats stayed in and monitored how long the dogs were out.

But our kids?  They go outside. And mama and daddy do too. Regardless of the temperature. Even with the winds.  Might just be a quick walk to the barn to declare "It's too cold!" or "It's too crazy out here!"  and then retreat back by inside by the fire. Or it might be hours upon hours of elaborate pretending when the temps hit the balmy mid twenties.

We have thick blood up here in Maine. We are tough ones who layer up and brave the elements. When everyone else is complaining about winter, we're not.  We're out there in wool, looking for the wonder of the season.

We just might have a blizzard this weekend.  Not the kind you get at Dairy Queen either.  One that might bring over a foot of snow.  If so, we're ready for it. A bit more snow is welcome. The Lipskys and their snowshoes aren't tired of winter one bit.

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  1. I'd never make it, girl. I'd be by that fire 24/7. ;0p
    Enjoy the season, snowshoes and all!



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