His New (Free!) Nightstand.

 Oh this nightstand, who would have guessed it would be the best present ever?

I saw a sign that said 'free' and pulled a U turn.  Brought home a green night stand. When Adrian saw it, he was elated. "Mama! You got me a John Deere nigh stand!" 

He promptly covered it in cow print and filled it with his homemade tractor books and the boxes of magazine clippings of cows, tractors, barbed wire, silos, combines, etc.  The stuff he collects... (More about that here.)

He's such an intense collector.
 And he 'decorates' like this....all of his random stuff he complies into these displays. 
 To be truthful, sometimes I see the stuff he does and I try to convince him to toss, better organize or put away. He, of course, has no interest in switching anything up. He likes what he likes.....farming and nature.  I have to take a big breath and remind myself that it's okay.  Even though his piles are not aesthetically pleasing and his room isn't clutter free, it makes him happy (which this pic is from a good day, it's not usually this tidy!). Regardless, in his room, he has all of his favorite stuff, including the stuff I would throw away, but he's committed to keeping forever.  And really, it's okay.
Adrian, we embrace you, clutter and all.  We love your uniqueness, your proclaimed loves that are unwavering and your style. May you enjoy your numerous collections and display them proudly in your room.  A kid with a strong sense of self is really such a good thing.


  1. Score! I love the selection of goodies he keeps on it! So cute!

  2. Good job! I saw a bunch of free stuff on Craigslist tonite :)



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