Sure, there were errands I should have done.  The trash is overflowing. There's interlibrary loan books that need picking up.  I need to jet to the bank. I need to pick up some more hay. 

But today, we stayed home. 

They needed it. I needed it. We all needed it.

Sometimes having uninterrupted time to devise an idea and then stick with it until completion AND then have time to enjoy the result is needed.

They spent hours doing these masks.  I had to interrupt them to eat breakfast. Lunch was consumed late.  Time stood still for them while they fully focused on these elaborate projects. 

There's plans for more masks.  Dinosaurs. Puppies. Zoo animals. Farm animals. Bugs.

We just might have to stay home again soon, so we have time to complete all of these projects.

Childhood, the way it should be.  Errands can wait.

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  1. I love how children can immerse themselves into their projects! Their masks look fantastic!!!



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