Our Farmhouse Tour: The Living Room

While the holidays are super fun, the day after Christmas I am always eager to get things back to the way they were.  Back to our regular rhythm and routine, ASAP.  I was up until 1am the day after Christmas doing an entire re-do of not one, but two rooms. As in moving just about all the furniture and rugs. My husband is a good man. He hates my reorganizing ideas (Him: "I can't find anything! Everything has changed!" Me: "Like the couch? It's right there."), but tolerates my upheaval. He was asking me when I'm going to stop changing things and when things are going to be right?  I say never.  Never because each phase calls for a different set up to really make the flow of our rhythm more seamless.  With changes in ages, stages, interests, abilities, etc., I dream of how things in our physical environment could be changed to meet our needs best. And then I do it when he's at work.  For us, our home is an area of work, play, respite, enjoyment, togetherness, learning and so on.  A well thought out physical plan helps foster  more organized kids, in my opinion. Also noteworthy, almost everytime I have changed everything, my husband ends up loving the changes. 

And so I bring to you, the 2016 winter living room.

(Left was on Dec 25, right on Dec 26th....the Before and After...what a difference in their play once it was all moved around.)
And pics of the here and now:



  1. Me too, I do leave some winter decor out, but the rest is put away. I LOVE your little red chicken quilt!!! Cuteness! That big rag rug does a nice job creating a play area...

  2. I love the changes! Your home always looks so inviting and cozy. Our living area does not lend itself to moving furniture around and it bothers me. I like to have a change once in a while. You did a great job!



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