I usually only reflect on the good in this space because that's how I want to remember my days. I'm totally a glass is half full type of girl.  I assure you, I'm not exempt from challenging times or bad days.  No one is, of course.  It seems the more variables one adds (vehicles, being a homeowner, kids, animals, jobs, etc.), the higher the likelihood that something will go wrong. And sometimes one or two things go wrong. Sometimes a whole lot of them go wrong.

But then, maybe once or twice a year, this happens:
Which makes me think "Oh, no wonder we were having a rough one!" What a relief there's a reason!

There's always a bigger picture. Bad days come, and thankfully they go.  The bigger picture is a great plan where everything is going to work out just so. Let's not let the bad days get us day worried, the good ones are right around the corner.



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