Fact: We have a lot of milk.

I've decided I'm not selling it.  There's so many rules and regs and investing in this and that for approval. I'm not going through all that red tape and I'm not taking the risk of just selling under the table. I never set out to be a dairy farmer. I only have wanted to provide for my family. 

While I have gifted milk and milk products here and there, I have adopted an even better idea than that to use up the milk.


Why not share our bounty, our land, our home and our time? Foster a community who enjoy spending time together enjoying simple pleasures.

Even before we lived here, I always had this vision that this house would be a perfect gathering spot. A great place for kids to frolic, learn and grow and for people to come together.

The necessity of using up this milk before it spoils encourages me to say "Come".  (Which happens to be my resolution anyway, read about that here.)

And when I say "Come" and we gather here, my heart feels so full.  This place is meant to gather.  These are the memories children will have for an eternity. 

And so it goes, no one minds being force fed homemade chocolate chip cookies anyway, so the milk is used up mighty quickly.

Everyone wins.


  1. Your spirit is wonderful. So very selfless. Your children will benefit greatly from your gift of hospitality.

  2. Good for you, and do you make ice cream?

  3. And have you thought about bartering, maybe somethings you could use, or trade for? Cheese making supplies, fabric, feed or?

  4. Great idea! And I don't blame you for not wanting to sell it. I had people ask me if I would sell our goat milk to them, and I chose not to for the same reasons! Gatherings are always wonderful.



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