Thrift store one:  Books my kids will love, to put away for the next holiday. Two pairs of size up sneakers. $5.00

Thrift store two: (With the 2015 stuff 50% off!)  LL Bean Skirt for me. Two music books. Little Red riding hood. 12 days of Christmas book and CD set.  Miniature wooden spoon.  Wooden bowl. Vintage metal embroidery hoop. Vintage Christmas tray. Two yards of pink corduroy. Perfect size spatula.  An against the bowl strainer (which has been awesome for draining whey when making cheese).  You won't believe this....$5.00 for it all. The deal of the century!  Or something like that.


  1. I see you are still gettin' the deals in the new year! Audra will love that lil' wooden spoon. ;0D

  2. Wow, that is some serious deals! Awesome!



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