Milk. Cheese. Butter. Yogurt. Repeat.

I *just* made 2 pounds of butter on Thursday. It's Tuesday night and there's another two pounds of butter hardening in the fridge.  Plus 4 gallons of milk were turned into cheese tonight. I just made cheese  couple days ago too.
I tell you, it's time consuming.  My kitchen is forever a mess.  But...I'm getting this milk using down. My goal is to use it all myself to feed our family throughout the year.  My freezer is filling up! Still so much to learn, but I call it a success having a few recipes memorized.  I'm getting there!


  1. How fabulous is that? Love seeing Audra making homemade goodies!

  2. So much wonderful goodness! Yay!!! :)

  3. If you have an over abundance can you sell it? Or trade with a neighbor? Gifting would be nice 😌



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