Revamping and Organizing.

You didn't think that I had forgotten, did you? I did promise that I was going to be tidying and organizing.  I'm still at it!

I completely moved everything around in the living room, making some more play zones.  We have lived in this big house long enough to have a little rhythm down as to which rooms we spend our time in based on the season. Not on purpose, mind you.  There's just certain rooms that are more comfortable during some seasons than others.  We have a play room, but right now it is the coldest room in the house (especially since we do not currently have a furnace and have not all winter thus far...sigh). Come fall and spring, when the temperatures are mild, we spend our days in the playroom. Come winter, we tend to gravitate to the room that's the warmest, which is the living room.  It's funny how we spend so much time in the living room now, as come summer, we hardly enter this room. It is then when we shift to screen porch living.  Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I now know that all of my kids' stuff will be gravitating toward the living room for the next couple months. I decided it was a good room to focus on adapting, as for the next couple of months, it is their play room. 

So, I moved the couch and chairs waaaay over, opening up a whole bunch of space. 

 Space for farming, naturally.

 I showed you the music corner on Monday.

And I also made doll house/garage/machinery shop/horse barn and the castle they use as a zoo zone.  Thinking back to my childhood days, this is where I'd spend forever playing.
 It took zero time before it got some use.
 Use by him, that is. She spends more time doing stuff like this.
 Although she'll occasionally take care of her babies.

I made her a little fine motor zone, right in front of a sunny window.
 This is where she could spend her day.  Crafting like her mama.
So there you have it. Our living room revamped for us to live in it fully over winter.

 Tell me, have you been organizing too? What have you revamped? Or what are you planning?


  1. You have made a lovely home for your children to enjoy and explore and grow into the wonderful adults I am sure they will become. Good job Mom. Hug B

  2. Fantastic play nooks! What a great place to use your imagination!



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