I (mostly) have done a no-spend January.  A lot less thrifting and spending in general. Proud of myself.  I admit, I did decide to breeze in to grab birthday gifts for my kids at a thrift store. Their birthdays aren't for some time, but it always seems that people get rid of things after the holidays and I usually stock up then.  I gave myself a five dollar limit...and here are my finds!

For him:
 A couple of new books, this fine motor peg game, a wooden slide whistle, two cow cups, four ceramic ducks and a red tin to put them in.  $5.00 exactly.

For her:
 Four books (all hardcover), a loveseat and a little red riding dress for her doll. A miniature tea set and a basket to put that tea set in and a brand new pack of construction paper. $5.00 exactly.

There you have it, an entire birthday gift for only $5.00 a kid. I know, I know... you've told me before...your thrift shops are more expensive.  That's okay, as they still likely are cheaper than buying new! Maybe for the child you know, you could find a good gift for just $10? Or just $20? Cheaper and much more eco friendly.  These gifts may not be what would fit the child you know perfectly, but I'm willing to bet you can find something!

And just a bit for me too. Because, you know, it was my birthday too. 
 Gingham fabric, a couple yards of corduroy, a light cover to fix my broken oil lamp, a pack of really neat loon greeting cards, a big bowl (one can never have enough), a wool skirt for crafting, a pattern and a funnel.  $5.00 even again!

A 'worth it' splurge, as it's nice to have my oil lamp fixed again.

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