(More!) Organizing and wall art

I'm still at it, this organizing thing.  Our bedroom tends to be the dumping ground for books, even though there's book storage in each of their rooms.  We read to the kids before bed and naps in our bed, sometimes in between, and then for whatever reason, I find piles of books everywhere. Well, 'pile' is a generous term, as it implies neatly stacked. Not so. Thrown haphazard would be more descriptive. Plus all my magazines all mixed in the mess. Drove me bonkers. Needed to do something about it.

I moved this bookshelf in to stack the books on it.  I thought a shelf for kid books and then the rest could be for whatever else might look nice there.  Well, that was a short lived fantasy as Adrian hauled box after box of books to store in our room. Alas, they are not on the floor, so it's fine. 
I think it was this time last year that I talked about getting wall art. I printed some of my own photos for myself for Christmas last year and never showed you.  The print over our bed is one I took. It was printed something like 3ftx5ft on engineering print. I think it only cost ~$10.00 with a deal staples was having.  It's just up there with poster tack, but it makes me smile. Plus I printed that big pic of my kids with the chickens, the same shot that had a 2 page spread in the From Scratch: Modern Homesteading Magazine a couple months ago.  I think that image will forever be my fave. (The photo above you can see it better). 
 This is what I wake up to every morning. I look up and see my the little baby pictures I took of my kids in the hospital. Plus our wedding picture.  Nothing like starting my day with a happy memories.
 And the hats. This is art and storage wrapped into one.
 These chicken lamps were a Christmas gift to myself last year too.
 Of course, when everything is organized well, the kids find it to be the exact perfect spot to make a big mess. 
 It's okay though. Home is for living anyway.  Do tell me, what have you been organizing?


  1. Oh My Gosh! That print of your house is gorgeous! I need to look into having some of my shots blown up like that. That pic of your kids is one of my favs too. So telling... Enjoy!

  2. Love, love, love your wall art! Amazing!

  3. I love the picture over your bed but I think you should save it for summer, to help you cool off. During the winter something warm and inviting would be more my taste.

  4. Great job, and great pics! I just so envy you all the wood in your home. Gotta love old farmhouses :) I tend to reorganize on winter and summer break. I just re-did 2 closets, a section in the garage, my linen closet and extra toiletries.



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