Thrifteds and Randoms

Before my dad calls me on it...

I told him we're working on making January an no-spend month, meaning that we are only buying necessities (like a furnace that actually works).  These treasures are from last month.  So there. He said that there would be no way I'd stay out of a thrift shop for a month. Likely not, but I'm giving an effort to hold out a bit more than usual.

 Two vintage pyrex (perhaps?) bowls, a corning ware travel soup mug, two vintage Syracuse china plates and this huge hollowed out wood thing that's great for their rock/shell/etc collections. Or for M&Ms. Priorities. Grand total? $6.00.

And their "automatics". Which are their magnetic dolls, which they call "automatics". With no furnace this year thus far, this is where we have been living.
 Messes she leaves.
 Messes he leaves (cutting tractors out of magazines).
 And a delicious end to a cold day.

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