Nor' Easter

There's a Nor' Easter coming to Maine that's threatening a couple feet of snow. Should be arriving any minute. The day or two before the storm was this calm, eeriness when you know something's coming up.  We have a couple of cardinal pairs who live around the farm and they were super active. almost like they knew what was coming.

 I've been super active too, getting our food together. Like doughnuts. A storm is much better with fresh doughnuts.
 Flash froze a whole bag of these old fashioned ones, just to be ready, you know.
 We also went to the ocean to see the size of the waves. I thought they'd be huge. I'm sure they will be, just not yet.  Still beautiful though.  And I love their homemade hats, made by my neighbor. And their homemade coats, made by me.

 The boys weren't very cooperative with the paparazzi.
 But sweet girl was. And do you see my new hat? Hand made by my good friend, Julie. Love love love it. (Thank you!)

 So there you have it, prepping for the Nor'Easter in the way that really doesn't make much sense, but is most fun for us. Stay safe everyone who is in the storm's path.

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  1. Hope y'all are okay up there. Stay toasty by that fire!



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