More more and even more organization: Her room.

So, how's that for a New Year's resolution? For seven days in a row, I decided to choose a different room, closet, nook, space, surface, (something!) to declutter/reorganize/make better.  What do you know, I did it!  Now, I have more spaces that could use some attention (the downfall of a big house), but my enthusiasm for decluttering has waned. At least the house is better suited for our needs right now.  I posted some of the spaces the last week and a half, so do scroll back if you missed some posts. 

Anyway, here is her room, decluttered.

 (So many mama mades: quilts, rabbit family, most all the dolls, etc.)
 The highlight? This "couch" I made her for book reading.

 She was sooo happy and spent a ton of time here.

 I can't help but smile at the vintage book love she has...for the some of the same books I had as a kid.
 Sometimes it's good to host story hour too.
 Her room looks especially magical at night. It's mighty fun decorating for a little girl.


  1. What an amazing room! Love that she loves her reading couch! :)

  2. Brilliant! Congrats on getting a great start to the new year!

  3. How cute! I've been doing the same thing here- closets, etc. and s much more room!

  4. That's The New Baby! That was my favorite! LOVE seeing this cutie with those!



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