So. Much. Snow.

We have so much snow. A couple feet earlier in the week. Then a few inches tonight. More coming this weekend. My husband is out there snowblowing right now.  Snowbanks are higher than my head. Drifts up to my shoulders. I need to go outside with my camera and take some pics of all that snow. 
Or perhaps upload the couple I have taken. Alas, I am behind. Today, I will at least give you the few pictures I snapped just before the snow came.  It's might crazy how quickly weather can shift. To think we were running around in the field just a few days ago and now only snowshoes would allow us to get anywhere. Stay tuned, I'll get some snow shots. For now, here's a few peaceful thoughts and happy memories.

1 comment:

  1. Great shots, and sedn some snow here :) It's supposed to be 50 next week! WAY too warm...



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