More nooks...

I'm keeping it little 7 day personal organization challenge. More nooks all cozied up and organized so we can better live in them. 

I decided to clean out this area to make a bigger play kitchen space. It's for both of them, although she'll mostly use it (all he does is farm, pretty much).  I've got some closets on the organization list coming up next (boring), but I will be glad when they are done. I think so much clearer when those problem areas are organized better.

Anyway, do you want to come play with us?  Here's their kitchen, in my fave little play area in this house.

 (She's mixing up cookies in her new mixer from her grandparents...sure to be delicious!)
And you know, nothing stays tidy for long.
 It's fine, it's meant to be played with.  A little organization and it's now her fave place to play.



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