Itch to Stitch: Dress 12

Did you notice? I wanted to do 12 dresses in 2014.  But, life happened and I got distracted by other crafting projects. I did 11.

Me, to husband: "I'm so upset, I wanted to get 12 dresses in and I didn't."
Husband: "Nobody cares if you didn't get to all 12."
Me: "I care! I hate when I set goals for myself and don't accomplish it. I'm not doing this for everyone else! It was a challenge for me."
Husband, shaking head: "You're just crazy."

Point taken. It doesn't really matter.  Needless pressure I put on myself. Since I don't like unfinished projects, I had to finish. I looked up the date I finished my first dress of 2015, it was February 5th. So it is technically 12 dresses less than  a year. But really, it doesn't matter. Be it one dress, 12 dresses, 100 dresses...either way she gets to wear a little mama made item, which is like wearing a hug all day long.

Dress one: Here.
Dress two: Here.
Dress three: Here
Dress four: Here.
Dress five: Here.
Dress six: Here.
Dress seven: Here.
Dress eight: Here.
Dress 9
Dress 10
Dress 11

And here is dress 12. It's another upcycled wool dress, another adult skirt I turned into a child sized jumper, another skirt that I should have taken before/after pictures of.  This is from a vintage pattern gifted to me (thank you!) and it is one that was actually made. So many of the vintage patterns I open are brand new, no one ever gave it a whirl. This pattern had cursive notes detailing hints in the pattern.
 I made it a size up, so she has room to grow. It keeps her warm in this cold house.

And there you have it, the 12 dresses I set out to create....done.


  1. You did it! 12 dresses and they are all are amazing!

  2. I am so proud. You saw it through to the end. xo

  3. Adorable. You amaze me with all you do. You are one talented chick. ;0)

  4. All of the dresses you have made - that's 12 within a year - are all beautiful. This will be a memory that your children will keep for their lifetime, and that is priceless.



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