Changing it up: His room.

It's that time of year, when the holidays are behind us, our home is filled with many new things that we need to find places to store, and I am thinking of making our house a more cozy home as we hunker down inside for the cold winter months of Maine.  I get that urge to reorganize, move things around, create new little nooks. 

For the next 7 days, I am planning on going room by room, space by space. I'm removing that which no longer belongs. I'm going to put the excess away for a rainy day. I'm going to think about our space and how I can make it more efficient and comfortable for our current needs. I'm going to simplify and make our home a cozier place that's perfect for relaxing, learning and creating. It might be a whole room, maybe just a corner of a room, but I'm going to make things better. If I get organized enough, I'll take some pictures. However, the goal of this little project is not for posts, but to make our home more perfect for us. 
Perhaps you may want to join me. What room, corner of a room, nook or surface will you tackle today?

First up, his room.
 His bed no longer needs to be by the wall.  This is how he wanted his room. 
 I encouraged him to pick the few things he wanted to leave out and then the rest of it is away for another day. (How random are these choices?!)
 I can already see how much better he is playing, creating, imagining and using this space now that it's more simplified than before.
  I should have grabbed the camera when I caught him reading in the corner, or when he was cutting the tractors out of his farming magazine, or when he organized his herd of Holsteins on the play table. Regardless, you can imagine the fun.  Off to organize some more...



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