You know what my annual Christmas gift is? A little Christmas money and a trip to go antiquing by myself. It's quite fun catching their after Christmas 50% of sales.  Certainly a bit more $$ than thrift shops, but it's so much fun! There are sooo many antique shops around us. Rte 1 Southern Coastal Maine....there's one about every mile in some parts!

I recently read that you can tell a lot about a person's loves the most by how they spend their money. Well, I spent mine on my family and my home. Fitting, I'd say.

For me: Another Robinson Ransbottom blue striped pottery. Sure, I have 30 of them. I absolutely need another.  Besides, the resale value is high. I don't know why I tell myself this, as I most definitely not selling any of them.
For the husband:  Another blue hand blown glass.
 For my son: A bunch of quilt squares that are vintage men's dress shirts. There's a ton of these, I cannot wait to finish the quilt.
 For my daughter:  I made my son a train table for table top play in his room. I was thinking of making her something. But then, I found this darling little dresser that is just her size.  I love it.
So there you have it, my perfect Christmas present. Who else loves going antiquing?


  1. If i lived in Maine, I would be right there with you! Want to inherit all I have. My sons think it is junk! I think we even have the same tastes! I also love your thrift shop finds!

    1. LOL! I'll inherit your "junk!" How could your son call your treasures junk?!

  2. I made a quilt for my daughter with the dress shirts of my husband!

    1. It really is but since it's to small for her bed now it lies in a box... I should dig it up and lay it on the couch!



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