Farming Crafts

This little pencil holder was crafted by my Adrian at 4-H a bit ago. He used his hammer and nails, painted it John Deere Green. Only it's not a pencil holder. He decided that from square one.  He said it was a wagon to hitch up to his tractor. He talked about going to Lowe's and getting wheels.  Well, over a month later....maybe even it's been 2 months...he was still talking about those wheels. I finally brought him to Lowe's.  He interrupted a sales person. "Excuse me, I need some wheels to fix up my tractor wagon. You have any? Thank you, those will work.  You got any hitches so I can hitch it up?"

And just like that, his little project turned into just what he 'needed' on his farm.

 With a hitch, naturally.
 Happy kid.
 I tell you, this beauty has been mighty busy.

Busy doing what, you wonder? Well, today it was hauling all the Holsteins and black Angus to new pastures.  He's also hauled horses, hay, logs and duck pools.

Important work, I tell you. 

And this mama? I'm beaming from ear to ear that he had this little crafting vision and it turned out a great project that he uses daily now.  I'm eager to support his next crafting ideas. Betting it just might be a farming masterpiece.



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