Cozy little nook.

Nooks.  Cozy little nooks.  And no, not the electronic kind.  The cozy little nooks where there's random space that's open in an old farmhouse.  Not enough space for a room, but too much space to not have *something* there. 

Oh, how I loved to play in cozy little nooks at the farmhouse I grew up in.  There was that space between the kitchen and the living room where we kept a chalkboard and a kid sized table and chairs. How many 'restaurant' meals were served there?  How many stuffed animals were invited for 'school'?  And the little nook between the chimney and wall?  The perfect size for a doll bedroom. And the space at the top of the stairs?  Well, that could have been a lot if I was allowed to play there.   

I just *might* have been giddy with excitement when I toured this place.  Excited for the ginormous rooms, yes, but I *might* have squealed when discovering nooks. Spaces where I imagined hours of playtime.  Places that I just couldn't wait to put *something* there.  Not just anything, but something perfect.

Nooks, how I love them.  And now we have one (more nooks to come!!!) that's just perfect for playing.  It just needs a fresh coat of white paint to brighten it up.  All in time.
And looking at the picture of it, I realize it's almost all homemade by me.  The braided rug, the bench, "Big Teddy" (who happened to be placed in that chair by a little two year old) and those curtains that I made for my bedroom when I was in high school.
Does this space not scream memories in the making?
I think so...
And I think the 'dusting' of snow screams memories too.
It certainly was a fun place to wake up to one morning, discovering breakfast and a note from mama all laid out.
Adrian approved.
And one day sooner than I realized, it will be Audra approved too.
Oh the memories to be made in this farmhouse...

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  1. I LOVE it Jackie! It's perfect. And I must say that Miss Audra Grace is looking extra beautiful and squishy in the picture above. Makes me want to come right over and snuggle her right away!



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