Good Morning, Frigid Maine.

It's long been the case that this mama cannot get up in the morning without everyone rising too.  No matter the time, they all know where their mama is.  It was a morning that I made it to the bottom of the steps by myself.  I tip toed to the kitchen.  Silence.  Still no one was up.  This NEVER happens.  I looked outside and although it was a frigid, below zero morning, it was beautiful. I decided to water the chickens and grab the paper before my helpers arose.  On the way out the door, I noticed my camera...grabbed that too.  So glad I did. 

I rushed to get the paper and turned around to head back.  I must have gasped when I saw this sight.  I stopped in my tracks.  This is our home.  This house I've loved for years is the house I'll be walking back in to make breakfast for my family.  This is the place where memories will be made, the place we'll long to return to when we're on vacation, the place we feel most comfortable. This is our home.  So glad I brought my camera, it was a moment I wanted to remember.  My fingers may have been frozen, but my heart was so warm.  My cup overflowth.
 And then as I head back inside, I see a few sets of eyes peering out at me.
And I hear "Good morning, sweet mama".
And just like that, my sweet morning got even sweeter.


  1. A lovely home and what's more what's on the inside waiting to greet you :-) Thank you for inviting me over to 'visit'.

  2. I grew up in an old farmhouse in Maine. Built in 1901, full attic, full basement, hideous hot water baseboard heating, HUGE attached barn with full second was charming my whole life. I'm far far from Maine now. I don't miss the 12 foot snow drifts, I don't miss the 35 below zero weather, but there is something I miss about home...and I think, now that I read your post, that it is the memories I need to recall more often. So glad I happen Upon your post from No Big Dill.

  3. Your farmhouse is really beautiful, and what a pretty morning with just a hint of pink on the horizon!

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful spot - and filled with love to boot. Who wouldn't be happy? I feel much the same way about my home. It's a blessing to live where your heart has led you.



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