Meet "Hop"

Meet "Hop".  He's our new addition, a mini rex, named by Adrian.  He's been wanting a bunny.  We said after the baby was born, then after we were settled into the house.  We've had the cage all along ($5.00 thrifted!).

We definitely were not planning on getting a rabbit today. We went  to the farm store to get chicken food and to order baby chicks.  And this little bunny was hopping around, looking to be re-homed.  We were sold.  Such a gentle personality, but a spunky bunny.  So soft to pet.  We're smitten with "Hop".

Adrian introduced his bunny to Hop.
 Claimed that Hop needed a friend.
 Did you know bunnies love music?  That's what he told me.  He's been serenaded all day.
Although a bit skeptical at first,
 I think she's a fan.
 Harley too.
I used to have bunnies up until my teenage years...showed them in 4-H.  That is, until the neighbor dogs got them.  Not a fun  sight to come home from school to find.  Happy to have another bunny. 

Adrian wanted to hug and kiss it...again and again.
 Audra so isn't sure if she's supposed to like this ball of fluff.
 Justin's equally as excited.  He had a bunny as a kid too.  (I should have caught his excited face too!)

 Harley has claimed the bunny as his pal.  He hasn't left the bunny's side.
 Is he a poor bunny or a lucky bunny?  I'm not sure.  I am sure that I won't be pushing him around on my errands in a stroller like a lady I saw the town over.
 All I know, is I have one very, very happy little boy.
Wonder what we'll add to our farm next?!


  1. Adrian does look very happy! So cute. I had a bunny growing up too. Her name was Long Ears. I know, very creative. :)

    So you wont be putting Hop in the stroller, but maybe bunnywearing? ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh, these photos are sooooo cute! I've been wanting a bunny for a while now, too! I'm just a kid at heart :)

  3. I LOVE rabbits! My last one was an angora house rabbit. He was even litter trained which I thought was pretty awesome,although Renoman says the next ones will be going outside. lol Like you I've had rabbits off and on since I was a kid.

    It looks like the whole family is excited to meet Hops. And he's so sweet. Have fun with him :-)



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