His new snowshoes.

I promise you, I do not take the camera with me everytime I go out.  And I know I just did a snowshoeing post last week.

But he got new snowshoes.  He just wouldn't stay in the sled.  He'd walk and fall through the snow with his boots.  He needed his own snowshoes.  They arrived.

Daddy helped put them on.

And he just couldn't stop looking at them.

 Not even swayed with a barking dog.

 He kept those snowshoes in sight.

 There may have been a brief rest or two.
 And he may have toppled over a few times.
 But those snowshoes, he rocked them.
 He gave them thumbs up.  Even if you can't see those thumbs, he did.
 And his dad delighted in watching him.
 Of course, baby girl and I were right there.  But no pictures of her outside.  So I had to snap a couple inside.

Snowshoeing.  It's on our agenda most days as of late.

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