More Progress.

You know, it's really happening.  Everyday I'm checking something off the list.  Something small, perhaps, but something.  There are times when I feel like I'm treading water.  There's so much to do just between taking care of my family and work that I need to remind myself that any progress on this dear farmhouse is remarkable. My dad reminds me that we will be living in this place forever, so we have a lifetime to get it perfect.  He's right, of course, but it doesn't stop me from wanting things done at a quicker pace than I can muster. But, when I think of what this place looked like just a couple of months ago...well, I feel a bit triumphant. Much better to focus on what's completed rather than what there is to do. The cup is half full.

Anyway, I have "progress with the bathroom pictures" to show you soon.  I also have to take pictures of this room.  This is our 'dining' room, that I declared should be our playroom instead.  With an eat in kitchen, we don't need a formal dining right now.  Given the amount of time I spend in the kitchen, having the kids play close by sounded like a good plan.  Although who am I kidding...they never leave my side!  At least when the timer goes off, I can hear it when we're playing in the next room.

So...I have completed painting this room.  It took three coats of paint to paint over the wallpaper.  I tried to do one wall a day.  Given there's four walls and it needed three coats...well, it wasn't a paint in a day project. It is done now, wahoo!  As I was trying to tidy the room, tucking loose ends away, and planning on taking pictures for you, I couldn't take my eyes off these built ins.  I do love them so.  However, the inside was  painted mauve. I was saving the painting of them for a rainy day, as it wasn't necessary to get to immediately.  That was the plan at least.  But... I could not enjoy this room without my eyes locking and fixating on those mauve built ins.  

So what did I do? Empty the entire cabinet and begin painting.  Sigh.  What I get myself into. 3 more coats of paint and a room that's a huge mess. Long story short...I did not get to take pictures of the rest of the room (that was mostly done!).  I made such a huge mess of it when reorganizing that it is put back on the to do list.  Sigh.

I can at least show you the built ins.  That's better than nothing for now, isn't it?

Here's the before and after:
Ahh, so much better.

I know it's meant to hold china, but it instead houses our toys.  We have many more toys than china, that's for sure. 

I do love our toys....the majority of which are wooden, metal or cloth...many are homemade.  Most of the gift givers in my kids' lives know that's how we roll.
 The occasional plastic toy we do have I end up bringing to work as soon as they tire of it (and then they rediscover it when they come see me at work, so it cycles home).

 I do love the basic toys we have available on a regular basis...I firmly believe keeping the toys simple encourages play. 
Aren't these built ins grand?!

Next on the agenda is to finish the rest of the room so I can share that. 

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  1. Wow.. love the wood.. so beautiful.. and Yes, looks great with white.. my whole kitchen was mauve and peach.. ick,,ick.. when we first moved in.. made a great primer coat for when I covered it up with Spanish Red..



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