Fire Station Play....and a table salvaged.

Want to make a two year old so incredibly happy?   How about waking up to a fireman playset?  Fit for a very important (albeit short) firefighter. We're lucky to have this stuff hanging around the house.

Sleeping quarters, a fireman coat and boots, a papertowel roll for a hose.
A plantoys firestation wtih some firetrucks, firefighter play snacks and hats, fire fighter books.

And of course, our radio flyer firetruck.
And a black and white Dalmatian...or Maine Coon Cat.

And the verdict?
Three cheers!

And a happy boy!
And an annoying cat.  Wait, did I just say that?

And this dropleaf table...I cannot believe I've never shared the story behind this table.  You may have seen it in our old kitchen. My husband and I went on an 8 mile run (from my home to work) to pick up our vehicle.  On the way home, I mentioned a tiny little pick up that table we saw on the side of the road.  That JUNK?  That's what he said.  Okay, yes, there was thick, tacky and worn veneer on top that was peeling.  Plus there were stacks of stickers plastered all over it.  It did look like junk. I secretly wasn't sure if it was going to be fit for anything but garage storage.  But, I convinced him and he grumbled away as we put it in our trunk.

Well, I got home and started peeling the veneer off.  I used a towel and iron to melt/scrap the glue off.  There was beautiful wood underneath that was really spruced up with a couple coats of polyurethane.  It's very steady and has turned out to be a hardworking piece of furniture.  I think my husband now eats humble pie about this one.  Although, truth be told, I have picked up some non-salvageable junk in my day. This one ended up having quite a bit of characther...for FREE.  I love that word.

I just love the wood.

And the two hunkered down next to it, reading about firetrucks.
Anyway, I'm sure this is the first of many playsets that will be in our rotation.  I do love pretend play.  If you're interested, maybe I'll post more.  Or if I'm blabbering, I hope you'd let me know (exception...the BOG tells me I'm blabbering enough...he can shush). :)
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