Spiffing up this living room.

Okay, this hardly feels like a post.  I put oodles of time into my latest two projects and it all...well...looks about the same.  I gave the living room 2 fresh coats of paint.  It looks so much fresher and brighter in there.
 Can you tell?  Pretend you can.  (Oh, and I guess this free frame I got and strung clothes line on to display Christmas cards is sticking around...for now at least.)
The crisp white paint showcases our matching built ins much better, I think.There's one on each side of the fireplace (Holding my much loved collection of Blue Striped Robinson Ransbottom Pottery).  I wish I could get it all in one shot for you.  But anyway, here they are.

 And for the next project, I got my sewing machine out.  Totally not a big deal project, but settling in, pressing that foot petal, that familiar whirl, creating something out of nothing in a matter of seconds...well, it all felt so good.  I need to get my sewing area set up so I can settle into a bit of daily sewing.  I miss it.

Anyway, I had made these for my son's nursery a few years ago.  Only one set, floor to ceiling. Problem is, none of these rooms in our new house has a lone window.

So, I chopped them up and made pillows.  Not a fancy or glamorous project, but something that was created in jiffy.  A project in a jiffy, just what I needed.

The little projects, the big projects.  I'm chipping away at this place each and everyday. It's amazing what even 15 minutes-1 hour a day can add up to.  
I can't be the only one working on house projects.  
Tell me, what are you working on and/or what's your next project?
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  1. Looks great! Love the frame and clothespins to display pictures!

  2. It looks great! I love the display on the mantel. Our next project is putting down new floors in the living room/kitchen this summer! Out with the carpet and linoleum and in with the hardwood!

  3. I love that frame Jackie! We've got more projects than we can count, and no money to make any of them happen, but oh well, we're doing what we can with what we've got! I do not know how you do it! Working full time, school part time and trying to spend as much time with Layla as possible when she's awake leaves me no time to even get the house picked up let alone any projects finished. I spent 2 full hours cleaning tonight and other than Layla's room is clean & vacuumed the downstairs still looks like a tornado hit it! Good Job Mama! :)

    PS I'm mad jealous of those built-ins.



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