Progress: The Bathroom

Okay, so I apologize in advance to all you wall paper lovers.  I just did not get in the groove of loving the wall paper party that came with this bathroom.  Not so much my style.
 Nor were the orange shower curtains or the orange valance.  Not my style.  Problem is, we both agreed that we weren't going to spent oodles of money on fixing this place up until we sell our other house.  So, I thought I was stuck with this wildness for some time. But then, on a whim one night, I started ripping the wall paper down (I was afraid the strong yellows would show through the paint eventually).  I probably was up until 1:30 am stripping wall paper, with still more to do.  Not a fun project.  We had a half of a gallon left over gray paint from the bathroom we remodeled in the last house (see here), and white paint from our last kitchen remodel (see here), some black spray paint to dress up the silver fixtures (knobs, shelves, toilet paper roll, towel racks), and then curtains and decorations from the other bathroom/other rooms.  I used them all and am proud to say that thus far...our bathroom upgrade has been *free*.  Sure it's not perfect and if we had a budget, I'd be getting rid of almond appliances and replacing the linoleum, but for the price, I think it looks much more our style.  Perhaps you agree?



(And yes, I made these curtains.)

Not bad for free improvement, yes?


  1. Looks Great!! Much easier on the eyes.. good job.. and we actually use to have that exact same sink/counter in our bathroom before we renovated..

  2. WoW!!! Super impressed! This looks fabulous for free!



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