The last few years, my resolutions revolved around setting a goal to quit buying store bought stuff.  I'd pick an item a year and experiment until I got it right. First year cake mixes/frosting; then pies; then bread; laundry detergent; yogurt; etc etc etc. (Many recipes on the recipe tab above). This year it was new breakfast foods. I mastered English Muffins and Cinnamon Raisin Toasting bread...meant to do bagels, but haven't gotten around to that yet. So now you know my craziness wasn't born overnight, it's been a long process of making gradual changes.

Anyway, this year, life finds me spinning faster than I meant it to with this whole move/moving into a work in progress.  Certainly, I'm not complaining, as I love love love this house.  But, there seems to be days/weeks when I have said "I meant to do xyz with the kids, but time escaped me". I feel like I've been doing a good job, but I am confident I can do a better job.  I've been brainstorming and I think I have a system to make sure I accomplish what I set out to do with these two little blessings.  My New Year's resolution is to get my time with the kids in a better routine in this new house.  More predictable, more organized, ignoring the whole picture and focusing on the now. I'm going to forget about the projects while I have their full attention. The house will be here for the rest of our lives.  Time to play, teach and snuggle my babies won't be.  Hello, new schedule, I'm ready for you.  And I'm ready for an awesome year with these two.


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