Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop

Now...this was a challenge.  I arrived at the thrift store without cash.  I scraped up $5.50.  Had to stay under that.  Challenge on.

So...starting from the bottom, I got a big bin and two fab vintage sheets ($0.50 a piece!).  Can't you see the sheets as table cloths and the bin filled with iced drinks for summer BBQs?

And I got interlocking puzzles-5 of them (and a John Deere!), Toy Story Dominios, wooden block puzzle and subtraction cards....much of which will be put away for future gifts. 

Grand Posted by Picasatotal?  $5.26. 
Challenge met.


  1. I can totally see your summer BBQ right now! Oh how I was it was summer. I'm pretty impressed at your haul!

  2. Wow! You found some great buys. I am rarely that lucky at our local thrift store. I especially love the bin for your summer BBQ!



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