We're going to make it.

I'd love to sit down and tell you that this house move has been bright and cheery.  Don't get me wrong, we love love love this house and are blessed beyond belief to call this place home. However, I cannot say this transition has been uneventful.  There's certainly been oodles of moments of glee...but we have moved into a project.  We all know that I love a project, but having two kids under the age of two and then moving into a project, while still owning a second home has been challenging.  Especially when just about ever appliance, the toilet, a water pump, etc etc etc broke in 6 months, fozen pipes, heating bills are through the roof with the frigid temperatures, trying to figure out how these radiators work to keep us comfortable is challenging and the latest...my husband falling through the roof of our 'secret room'...into the kitchen (don't worry...his ego and back are a bit sore, he'll live).  It perhaps would have been a bit easier if I would have taken time off from work or hired someone to tend to the children while we do the work...or better yet, just hire out. But I just can't bring myself to.  I know, I have issues.

It's so easy to focus on the challenges.  However, in doing so, we would overlook the celebrations.  And there's been soooo many. Family and friends giving us birthday love.  Our neighbors helping us everytime we have (another) problem.  A little extra cash generated here and there to go towards these things that keep breaking. Another friend giving us some items that were on our wish list for free (brooder light and bigger recycling bins)...and she didn't even know those were on our wish list.   My husband's fall kept him home from work, which is just what we needed...time together. Such unexpected blessings running rampant.We can't get so focused on what is wrong that we can't see what's right.  There's so much that's right in our life.  In fact, when I think of it, there's only teeny tiny challanges.  The rest is beyond amazing...surpasses even my colorful childhood fantasies of adulthood.

And you know what the best part is?  Something my husband said really resonated with me.  "You know, all the worries and stress we have...our kids have no clue.  They just love where they live and they love living, learning and growing with us."

A phrase we hear so often is "Mama, I so happy ".  You know. I am pretty happy too.  Even with this gaping hole in our kitchen ceiling. 

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  1. What a sweet post. It's true, the kids don't know about the stress. They are blissfully unaware! I remember those times haha.

    I can't believe your husband fell through the ceiling! Yikes! I hope his back gets better soon. That must have been a shock for him! But at least you guys got some time together as a result :)



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