What do they do?

I admit, I am *still* sad when I leave these two babies and go to work. It's not that I don't like my job-I have a great job, I get to help kids develop and I have fantastic co workers. 
I know they're fine... they seriously have the best dad ever.  Really, how many dads take their two kids to library story hour by themselves?  How many take both kids to the beach or out on snowshoes.  This dad.  This awesome dad.  

It is always interesting to see what I come home to find.  Maybe a residual birthday party?
 Random things inserted in the dishwasher.
 The BOG taking a bath.
 Maybe a few chores done?  Okay, unlikely, but sometimes. :)

 It's fun to see what they've learned. "Boy ducks have green heads", I hear.  I didn't teach him that, but I know who did.  I also didn't teach these dance moves, but I know who did.
 I also learn how she's starting to back up on carpets too.
 And I learn that someone is practicing bike riding. With a staged audience, of course.
 And I learn that they're both wearing read, per Adrian's request.

 I also learn of their new game, which daddy swears they love. 

 Although I don't think I'll ever get used to leaving these kiddos, I'm so thankful it's with their dad.

 A top notch guy I married, that's the truth.

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  1. Good Job Dad! Layla loves being home with her daddy! We're fortunate that most days she is, only a couple times a week she spends with one of her Grammies or an aunt :)



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