It came to be about that time.  The time for solids for baby girl. I know we do things a bit different from that the drawback or bonus of doing feeding therapy/attending feeding conferences through work? I'm not so sure.  I don't judge the way you do things if you won't judge the way we do. We aim for around the 6th month.  With both kids, we've had them pretty consistently pooping on the potty so we don't have poppy cloth diapers to rinse with solids (we do Elimination Communication).  We don't feed our babies, we present the food and see whether or not they're interested in giving it a go. (We don't move the spoon to their mouth, we hold it out and they decide).  I make all of their baby food (some even canned/frozen from our own growing season).  I don't puree and feed them anything that I wouldn't eat myself.  We move very quickly from purees to chunks of what we're having.  Our babies eat our meals, we don't do separate meals.  Okay, so now that should answer all the questions.  Onto the fun stuff.  Oatmeal.  I apologize I took so many pictures...but here goes.

She's waiting and watching daddy.  She's wondering what's up.
 She checks with her brother...what are our parents up to?
 She's busy flirting with mama, didn't notice what's in front of her.

Since everything goes in the mouth anyway, that's what she decided to do right away.

And here she goes.
 And not so many funny faces.  She's quite serious.

 And it's a hit.
 Of course, big brother needs attention too. 
 His is all gone and he needs more.

 Baby girl decided to try the bowl.

I love messy kids!

 This is the only funny face shot I got.  Turns out she's related to her parents after all.  A food lover, indeed.
 And I never shared her straw shots.  We skip sippy cups entirely and do straws.  She's great at drinking from a straw.

And here's some just for fun comparisons with big brother.

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Have you created a blog on elimination communication? I would be interested in learning more about it to possibly try with this baby:) How is it working or how did it work out with Audra? Did you do the same with Adrian?



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