We started with 11 hand me down hens a year and a half ago.  I was afraid the wildlife would devour the chickens at our old house in the woods, so I did not want to invest a lot of cash.  We were gifted some older girls,  most with great demeanors. Since I did scare off a full size bear at the coop door one night, a hawk was the only predator who got lucky.  I declared ourselves successful chicken farmers and was going to buy chicks last year.  I changed my mind after thinking about having 2 kids under the age of two with a family of baby chicks.  Good thing...I didn't know we would be moving with two little ones as well. 

Fast forward to today, we have only 2 lone chickens left.  Not laying, so I just ordered a bunch of baby chicks from the farm store.  I went to feed the girls this morning and only found one.  Oh no, I thought. I figured I knew what was in store.  I prepared myself to have the wind knocked out of me again from finding a dead chicken (so not the glamorous part of raising chickens).  I found our barred rock behind a wooden boat, hunkered down behind an empty window pane.  I poked her and she moved.  I was thinking she was on her way out.  But then she moved, and I found this:
 Squee!!!  I went to find my little farmer...he hasn't collected eggs in some time. We live in coats aren't required if the temperature is over 25 degrees.  Thick skin we have grown.
 Was he ever excited!

" Thank you, chickens!" he quipped again and again.
 Ah yes, a great discovery.
 And a delighted little farmer.

Certainly a great start to a day.


  1. What an exciting find. I assume there's no gentleman rooster on your farm-in-the-woods :-)

  2. I was hoping they were eggs with baby chicks in them. My dad used to use the incubator and hatch our own. I loved it as a kid.

  3. So cute! I love how he said "Thank you, chickens!" I tell my girls thank you just in case it helps :)

    PS - You scared off a full sized bear once? What a brave soul you are!

  4. I love the part about our Maine thick skin :) I saw a funny cartoon once about how 45 degrees feels cold in October, but in March 45 degrees feels like beach weather. I think it's the same for just about anything over 0 in the winter! Yesterday morning it was 28 Degrees, by last night it was -24 Degrees!! Crazy cold! Glad your hens are laying again! They must like their new home! Good luck with the new babes when you get them, we always had chickens and pheasants growing up. I cannot wait for our "someday" home in the country, we'll definitely be getting chicks! (And I'm holding out for Adrian's cows - lol)



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