We Made Frosty.

My little guy is a fan of Frosty the Snowman.  He sings the song often...except the only words to the song he knows are "Frosty the Snowman". 

We asked him if he wanted to build a snowman.  (Believe it or not, not my top idea of fun...all that work and it's soon to melt...)  His response..."Frosty the Snowman?".  Sure, we agree.  He's skeptical...do we have the skills to pull off a Frosty?

Out we go.

It ends up being me doing almost all the work.  My husband is the world's best supervisor.

Audra was determined to play in the snow.
I don't know where Adrian was...somewhere with his John Deere tractor (It's very important, you see). He wasn't very helpful.

But he was shocked that I pulled it off.

And most happy.
He was inspected very carefully.
And then I was asked if Frosty the Snowman was going to dance around.

 What?  Don't you hug your snowmen?
A beauitiful site to see, although I know I'm biased.
I admit, I was a bit stalker like.  I just watched my little family from outside for just a bit before I came in.

Good thing I didn't stay away long...I might have missed (yet another) rendition of the Frosty the Snowman song.
Posted by PicasaI have to say, although I'm not a fan of making snowmen (especially since his head fell off by the next morning), I am a fan of family time in the snow.  Thankful we live in Maine.


  1. Frosty turned out great! What a fun time

  2. How cute! The snowman looks great. I love the photo of him hugging the snowman!



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